Fellow Internet Marketers,

After an overwhelming response from our loyal client base derived from our hit products
such as Mass Video Blaster, CPA Blaster, PinBlaster& many more...
We're excited to annunce that our latest addition to the Blaster Software Suite...

Whether you're new to Internet Marketing, or a veteren with years of experience in the field, implementing & cloaking affiliate links is a NECESSITY for any successful Marketing campaign.

You never want to post or advertise products/services with obvious intention of marketing.

Not only does this discourage potential buyers from purchasing/clicking through to your suspicious link, but it also reflects negatively on the product or service you're promoting, many times, causing complaints on your individual Affiliate campaigns.

We asked our customers what kind of utlility would make their marketing efforts on YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter more effective & Scalable; and the survey concluded a mass ShortURL tool.

While many of you may manually create your shortURLs on sites such as TinyURL, Bit.Ly, etc..

It's just not feasible to spend HOURS creating redirects manually. Not only that, but when you're working with 100's if not 1000's of links, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to check/verify that the links are still live.

So that puts us back to square 1, losing/throwing away TONS of potential clicks & Sales.

Awesome software!

I personally know Vlad & Stoica and i must say these guys are real pro's!

All the Blaster products are real time savers and this one is not making an exception!
Rico S - Facebook marketing Guru

With so many free traffic sources on the net, it's getting harder & harder for affiliate marketers to get their links SEEN.

Anti-Affiliate-Links measures have made even the noblest of campaigns nearly impossible to gain exposure, automatically blocking "red flag" (aka affiliate) links and mass killing/banning them. Resulting in lost traffic, leads & sales.

Furthermore, even if landing pages or domain names are being implemented in your campaigns, this can & will lead to negatory effects on your domain, potentially leading to "banning" of your domain due to repeated abuse or "SPAM" assiciated with your domain's key terms.

Customize & Tailor your URL's to be niche specific! Using ShortURL blasters internal Macro system, simply type your ideal keyword(s) into the custom URL field and let ShortURLBlaster spin and create an endless amount of links with custom-niche specific url appendages.

This will allow you to not only Blast Short URL's, but laser targeted shorturl's with niche specific terms built right in!
This is a great attribute for split testing campaigns, optimizing already proven methodology and automating it for rapid-scaling on already successful marketing campaigns

Not only can you shorten "affiliate" links, but also your own domain names, landing pages, or any other source on the net.
This puts a massive amount of split testing & campaign optmization potential right in your hands as a marketer.

Using ShortURLBlaster's custom URL strings, you can create 100's or 1000's of redirects to Landing Page A, split test Landing page A's results with a unique set of redirects pointing to Landing page B.

This allows you to test campaigns on a volume scale, whereas directly posting Landing Page A & Landing Page B can lead to diluted or innacurate campaign results due to flagging / banning / ghosting of your links.

Not only does ShortURLBlaster provide a link checking function, we've also built in proxy support
for those of you creating massive amounts of redirects at once, this ensures that your created links stay live, allowing you to focus on campaign optimization, rather than filter bypassing & manual link checking.

Streamlining Automation - For those of you who use automation tools to post/advertise your affiliate products, you're likely already familiar with Macros.
ShortURLBlaster features .txt & .csv exportation, which seamlessly integrates with 9/10 macro-supported tools on the market.
Rather than manually copying/pasting your links, shorturl blaster exports your created links to your convieniently located & specified file type/path.
Simply set your macro file path on your other marketing tools and enjoy the convienience of having unique, pre-formatted redirect links on demand.

Automatic Follow PeopleCreate UNLIMITED amount of redirects on all supported services
Unfollow Fake FriendsCustom URL specification for various supported services
Automatic Like PinsMacro support for custom specified URL's on supported services
Automatic RePinImport support for mass short url generation (links to shorten)
Automatic CommentsLink "Live" Status Checking & Verifying.
Wordpress Content PosterExport Support (.txt/.csv) for all shortened links
Automatic Pin Blog PostsGlobal Proxy support (Public / Private)
Other twitter marketing software featuresError Handling support for failed creations / error reporting

It makes short link creation really easy.
Great for marketing affiliate products Highly recommended for anyone who wants to affiliate marketing, a very good software. Recommened to all those who are already making money and want to scale !

Inotags - Affiliate marketer

I've been working with CPA Blaster since it's release. Really got boring creating over 100 shorten links/day. With the help of Short URL Blaster I now create over 500 shorten links/day in less than 5 minutes. Not only that I save at least 1 hour/day but I also increased my sales (no more dead links). Thanks (again) to Vlad and Stoica!

Darky - YouTube And Pinterest Marketer

Lol This is completely Robbery at the price! Gave the it run and I can say anyone who is serious about IM and is using automation tools like senuke,mvb,answer assault or other mass posting tools need ShorturlBlaster! All i can say is: Get this tool!

Intense - BH Expert

Let me make show you some of the areas where you can use ShortUrlBlaster and after that I will let you buy the "holy grail".

While itís still available, You Can Get The Entire ShortUrl Blaster System For...

But better hurry. Because while Iím not limiting this to any specific number (just in case we go over)...

I will have to take this page down at some point, and judging by the number of people visiting this page every few seconds right now... It wonít be long at all.

Turn your site in a Short URL making machine!

Top quality Short URL script that you can easily install on your website. Why use other services when you can have your own personal shorten service. The script fully integrates with the mass shorting process of Short URL Blaster. Everything is easy to setup, you will also receive a PDF guide that will help you install and run the script.

Iím ready to make get to the next Internet Marketing level and want to be one of only people to access ShortUrl Blaster.

I understand that:

      This unique system has the power to create/check thousands of shortlinks with the push of one button.
      I will receive instant access to ShortUrl Blaster and I will be able to download it immediately after purchase.
      I will receive as Bonus the unique shorturl script that I can use on my own domains
      Unlimited support regarding any Blaster Suite tool and internet marketing tactics
      I will access get to the private members forum

System Requirements
-Windows XP SP 2/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
-Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
-Administrator privileges
-Minimum 10 MB of disk space available

* No PS's, Mate... You've got everything you need to either Win... or Whine. You Decide- just do it Soon!

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