You may have heard our name already, but for those who don't know, our names are Vlad M.,Stoica & Grayson(aka Eransacked) . And we're here to invite you to our upcoming product launch.

This is not our first big launch(it is the first launch in this format Vlad&Stoica with Grayson ), but if you didn't hear of us just do a Google search after our automation software and you'll see that we are not just doing successful launches,
We are used to over deliver for our clients. This way we are able to keep the refund rates as low as 2%!

Here are some products that we've released to the public, we are sure you heard about them...

The affiliates had 2$ EPC and the refund rates are under 3%


What is ShortURL Blaster? As probably, all of you already know way back when Twitter becomed popular the URL shortening had an explosion in popularity and now it is a standard in Internet Marketing.
Either if you are doing facebook marketing,twitter,youtube or any other marketing campaigns you will need shorten urls.

After 2 weeks of beta testing all the clients who got a chance to give ShortURLBlaster a try are amazed of how much time they saved.

The price for our ClickBank Product was 27$ and we still got a great result! Our affiliates had 4% conversion rate and they earned almost 1$/visitor!

Now we moved ShortUrl Blaster on Clickbank and we expect even better conversions!

Clickbank Affiliate Link:


Main Features Of ShortURL Blaster:

Automatic Follow PeopleMass Create ShortURL Links

This feature will enable you to create multiple short versions of your long links.

Unfollow Fake FriendsSupport for Over 10 Shortner Services

ShortURL Blaster allows you to create: tinyurl,tinycc,,,snipr,teeurl,,metamark and other url shortner services with one click.

Automatic Like PinsBulk Import Of Links

You can mass import your links from an external file and ShortURL Blaster will create shorten versions of them.

Automatic RePinCheck If Your Short Links Are Alive

We've implemented this feature based on the request of the beta testers. It will automaticly check a list of ShortURL's to see if they are still alive.

Automatic CommentsProxy Support

You can load a list of proxies that will be used when you are creating the short links.

Wordpress Content PosterExport In Spinnable Syntax/File

You will be able to export all the short links in spinnable syntax text or export in .CSV/.TXT files.

Automatic Pin Blog PostsSupport for custom url shortner scripts

ShortURL Blaster comes with a custom php script that you can install on your own server and create your own custom url shortning service. Simply enter the site where you installed the script and ShortURL will mass create short links on your custom domain.

Other twitter marketing software featuresOthers

ShortURL Blaster includes many other extra but useful features like: auto-update sytem, easy error handling with rules, log window ...

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